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Doors are physical portals connecting individual spaces. They allow passage from one environment to another. We believe doors should be as elegant and sophisticated as the rooms they link, while working flawlessly and living harmoniously within each space.


Welcome to BARAUSSE MIAMI! Headquartered in Aventura, we are PORTE ITALIANE, the exclusive BARAUSSE dealer in Florida. Our obsession is beauty, form and function working together in every living space.


Since 1967, BARAUSSE has specialized in the production of interior doors, which are exclusively designed and manufactured in Italy. BARAUSSE develops and produces furnishing solutions for the purpose of connecting separate living areas with functionality and extraordinary aesthetics – the artisan family tradition embraced and maintained by the company founders, the Barausse brothers, for more than 50 years.


While we have lifelong professional relationships with well-known interior designers, architects and real estate developers in Miami, BARAUSSE MIAMI offers dedicated interior design advice services. From complete space planning to door installation, our experienced resident experts will tastefully transform your project with modern or traditional BARAUSSE Italian door options that meet your individual lifestyle and practical needs. The end result is both an elegant and exclusive home to live.

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